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Let’s Go To The Movies! What Is Your Favorite Film???


I love watching movies. Especially ones that are a series like “Harry Potter” but my all time favorite film is “The Sound of Music”.

I absolutely adore this movie! “The Sound of Music” was released in 1965 starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. Though I watched it much later (I was only 2 years old when it came to the theaters), there was just something about the story, the music and the scenery that completely captured me.

First, the scenery. It made me want to go to Austria to see all the beauty. I could just imagine myself standing on that hilltop and singing though I definitely wouldn’t sound like Ms. Andrews! LOL!

Second, the music. I think I can sing every song of the movie – that tells you how many times I’ve watched it. Even for my 7thgrade graduation, we had to sing “Climb Every Mountain” even though at that age I didn’t really get the meaning of the song but I do now.

Third, the story. The fact that it was based on a true story was amazing. A young girl that followed her heart and a man that followed his convictions even though it put his family in peril. I know that there is more to the real story than what was portrayed in the movie but what an impact it made to see people following through on their dreams and beliefs.

So now I ask you: What is your favorite film and why? You might give me some ideas on new movies to watch.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Do You Have A Favorite Movie?

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