Let’s Go To The Movies At The Beach

Have you ever watched a movie outside on the beach at night? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. It’s awesome!

Last week, Jeff and I packed up our beach chairs, some drinks and snacks then headed to Folly Beach to watch “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”. Though we had seen the movie before and liked it, that didn’t matter. We just enjoy the beach for one thing and secondly, the beach at night is almost more relaxing than during the day! The temperature, wind and the beautiful night sky above was the perfect setting for an outdoor movie.

Beach, Beach Movie, Ocean, Sand, Waves, Pier,Folly Beach, Outdoor Movie,We usually try to make at least 2-3 movies during the summer. I would go to more but other obligations get in the way. But we enjoy the beach at night even if there is no movie showing. Walking in the cool sand, water at your feet and listening to the waves come ashore is almost meditative. Make sure to use a tiny flashlight to light your walk.

Some people will hang hammocks under the pier and stay all night. I would love to do that one-day! I would think that would have to be one relaxing evening.

But if you’re not at the beach for an outdoor movie night, there are a lot of communities showing movies in city parks. If you get a chance go because I think you’ll like it! A perfect summertime activity!

Big Hugs Everyone!


Aug 07, 2018

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Love An Outdoor Movie!