Let’s Get Married In Key West!

What’s that you say? Get married in Key West? Sounds like a simply romantic idea to me and I have even written about it in my Florida Keys Novels. But when someone reads your book then ties the knot in the Florida Keys, it makes you wonder: did my book have anything to do with sand between the toes and the exchange of rings???

I knew that Marcy had read my Florida Keys novels and had written to me to let me know how much she enjoyed them which, for an author, was so nice to hear. But when I found out she was engaged and she asked me about traveling to a few places in the Keys that could be wedding spots, I began to wonder. Though it took some time, I was finally able to get back to her and her fiancé, Rob, to give the scoop of what I knew of different places that I thought would be perfect for a wedding. Loving the Keys as much as I do, I could think of plenty of little areas that would be perfect for a ceremony.

Their wedding day came and went and I saw pictures on Facebook of the event. They got married in Key West, on the beach at sunset and I have to say, from the pictures, it looked like perfection. It has even given me some ideas for future stories! But finally, in December, I asked her: did my books have anything to do with you choosing Key West for your nuptials? Her answer: Of Course! The details and romance I had written about had given her the idea. I have to say that I was one happy lady hearing the news. To know that my books inspired a very much in love couple to go to a magical tropical place to make lifelong commitments to each other was really special.

One of the reasons I write books is to bring entertainment to people. To help someone escape into another world if only for a few moments or an hour. To leave the stress and problems behind and get lost in the lives of someone else. I also like writing about today’s topics but keeping it appropriate for most age groups – in other words leaving some things to the reader’s imagination – hint, hint! But when my readers reach out and let me know that my books inspired them to do something positive in their lives, that is an awesome experience that is hard to describe. I also have another story from a reader that came about from my “Camping in High Heels” series, but I will leave that for another time.

So this week, March 31st, my fourth book in the “Florida Keys Novels” series is being released: “Back to the Keys”. I’m so excited to share it with you so watch for more details! And if my books have inspired you in any way, please let me know. I love hearing your stories!

Big Hugs To All!


The Happy Couple: Marcy and Rob

Mar 28, 2017

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What’s that you say? Get married in Key West? Sounds like a wonderful idea to me!