Let Go Of Trying To Be Perfect

So today’s is Inspiration Day on the blog. As you know I love positive quotes and keep them everywhere so I can read a few throughout my day. And this is one of my favorites:

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I LOVE this quote! I’ve always been a big believer that your actions speak much louder than your words. By letting others see how you deal with those things you consider your “imperfections”, you are showing others several things:

1.You aren’t perfect – none of us are and never will be but we can always strive to do the very best we can.

2. By others seeing that we continue to reach toward our best selves despite our “imperfections”, we are unconsciously encouraging others to go for their goals and dreams. We are setting the example. We are letting others know they don’t have to be perfect to accomplish their hearts’ desires.

So just keep being the best you can be and concentrate on what is good in life. Those so-called “imperfections” will take care of themselves.

Big Hugs To All!


Aug 08, 2018

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