June Is Here! Bring On Summer!

Summer is here! Well almost. For me, when June 1sthits the calendar, it’s like a signal that summer has begun.

Do you have any summer plans yet? As for me, I plan to make this a “writing and creating art” summer. Plus, my husband and I are trying to put a simple routine in place for keeping daily tasks done around the house so we can make more time to do some fun summertime events and outings. One of my favorite things is going to the movies on the beach each week if possible.

So this weekend is one to work on getting some things organize and a few projects finished. Hopefully they won’t take too long because the weather sounds like it is going to be perfect for a beach visit but for me the weather is always great for the a walk in the surf.

What are your summer plans? Vacations? Staying home? Summer movies? Picnics? I would love to hear what you are up to. You might give me some new ideas!

Big Hugs!


PS: Have something special coming soon – hopefully next week! Keep reading and watching!

Jun 01, 2018

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Summertime is here!