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Journal Prompt Time! Let’s Talk Summer Vacations

Can you believe it’s already May??? It seems like the first four months of this year have flown by. Before we know it summer will be here and people will be taking vacations.Vacation, Vacations, summertime, Grand Canyon, National Park, National Parks,

Have you planned your summer getaway yet? Some people vacation at other times of the year but travel during the summer months is very popular here in the United States. So why not journal about your future vacay? This is a great way to stir up some fun and exciting ideas!

1.What’s your idea of the best vacation if money were no object?

2. What are some of your best memories from past vacations?

3. What was your favorite childhood vacation?

4. Have you ever tried a “Staycation” – stay at home vacation?

5. When you go on vacation do you like to just sit back and relax or go, go, go?

6. As far as weather is concerned, do you prefer a vacation spot where it’s warm or cool?

7. Would you try an adventure vacation? Example: Tornado/Storm Chasing trip in the Midwest (they really do this!).

I love these prompts! They’ve made me think a lot about our future vacation plans. For now, we’re planning to do something when the weather is cooler except my daughter and I are planning a girl’s trip to the Florida Keys in September.

I hope you enjoy the prompts. They might help spark an idea for a unique vacation!



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