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It’s The Last Week Of Summer!

Can you believe it’s the last week of Summer??? Yes, the first day of Fall is just a week away and I know for me the last three months have absolutely flown by!

For our family, this Summer has certainly been very busy. Seems we’ve all been dealing with some medical issues so we stayed close to home, enjoying our beautiful city instead of traveling. Hopefully, we can take that trip we planned some time this Fall.

Since this is the last week of Summer, how about some journal prompts about the season? Here they are!

  1. What was your best Summer memory?
  2. What was one book you read this Summer? Like or dislike?
  3. Describe one of your perfect Summer nights.
  4. Did you go on vacation? Where?
  5. What is a moment you were most of proud of this Summer?
  6. What is something you did that was outside of your comfort zone?
  7. What is a moment that made you laugh?

I hope these prompts bring back some happy memories. And remember: you still have a week of Summer left to create even more!



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