It’s Sunday FunDay!

Ahhh – Sunday! A day off (for some) and a great time for some self care time or family fun.

Crochet, Creative, Crafts, Meditation, RelaxAs you know from my post yesterday, things have been hectic in my household. But everyone seems to be doing better though it is a slow process. I spent my Sunday morning visiting my Mom then the afternoon catching up on some things around the house. Now it’s time for a bit of Sunday “fun time” for me.

I plan on watching a documentary and doing some online classes. Then I’ll probably watch a movie while I crochet. I had planned on working on my novel but with the stress levels being high the last few days, I need a creative activity that doesn’t require a lot of active brain cells! LOL! That’s one reason I love to crochet. The repetitive stitching is like a soothing meditation for me. Plus, I’m making a prayer shawl so that makes this activity extra special.

So what are you doing this Sunday? Anything fun and relaxing?

Big Hugs!





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Feb 10, 2019

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