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It’s “Shark Week” On The Discovery Channel! Are You Watching?


As a lover of the ocean, I find all its creatures – great and small, ferocious and gentle – to be fascinating. And the shark is very interesting indeed.

I’ll be dating myself here but I remember when the movie “Jaws” came to the theater in 1975.  I was only 12 at the time and couldn’t wait to se it. But I have to admit I left the theater a little terrified of ever swimming in the ocean again! From that moment on though sharks fascinated me. I even did a term paper on sharks (and received an A+ by the way!).

Not too long ago, you might remember me telling you about my encounter with a very small shark. The tide was coming back in and this little shark (about 4’) was feeding in the tidal pool. I actually went out in the water about as deep as my calves trying to get pictures of it. I was amazed watching him/her and the stingrays as they fed. But when I realized he was making a beeline toward me, I started backing out of the water. The shark got about 2’ away before making a swift left hand turn though I was almost out of the water at the time. It was a great adventure and I’m glad I got it on video!

But sharks and other creatures of the ocean are being severely affected by our pollution – especially our use of single use plastics. My husband and I are making a very concerted effort to eliminate as much single use plastics items in our house. Even something as small as taking your own grocery bags to the story makes a difference. The oceans of the world need us to help keep it clean, not only for its creatures but for us too.

SharksWell, I have recorded a few programs already to watch about the Great White Shark and will probably be using my DVR a lot this week to record the shows so I can watch later at my leisure. I think I could watch just about any documentary/show about the beach or ocean and enjoy it.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


PS – My new series, set to debut early next year, will feature our local beaches, rivers and yes, the Atlantic Ocean. I can’t wait to share it with you!

It’s Shark Week!

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