It’s Book Release Day for “Back to the Keys”!

WooHoo!!! My fourth book in my “Florida Keys Novels” Series is out today. “Back to the Keys” will take you back to the tropical vibe of the Florida Keys, especially Key West!

First of all I have to say I had a blast writing this book. It challenged me to write about a few things that challenge a lot of women these days. But every time I write about the setting of the books – the Florida Keys – I feel like I’m down there the entire time I’m writing. And one of these days, I’m going to do like Maddy in my book “The Keys to Love”: just go for a month to get away and do some writing, reflecting and relaxing.

“Back to the Keys” is available on, here on my website (especially if you would like a signed copy) and by the end of April, all my books should be available on and iBooks. I also have a page in my “Resources” for retailers that are stocking my books in their stores.

Thanks again to all of you. For your love and support and allowing me to write and share my stories with you. Watch over the next few weeks for some new things happening around here! And there is going to be some giveaways! Fun times!

Love & Hugs!


Apr 27, 2017

The Keys To Montana

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