It’s Been A While!

Hey everyone! Yes, it has been a while since I popped on my blog. I will tell you right now that it was not my intent on such a long time away but things have been a bit hectic.

One good thing is that I finished my newest novel – “Back to the Keys”! I’m really excited about this book because it is a story I have thought about for such a long time. To see it in print is very much a dream come true. Actually every time I release a new novel, I step back and say to myself – “Is that mine? Did I write that?” This “author” thing is still so new to me but I do love telling stories. I now have some more tales that are being outlined and I’ve actually started writing my next novel plus a non-fiction book.

But I’ve been do a lot of my work from the comfort of my bed. Yes, I’ve been a bit under the weather. It seems stress mixed with a heavy dose of spring pollen does like my body, aggravating the illness that tags along with me. So with my trusty little dog Emma by my side, I’ve taken things a bit slower. Stayed inside but soaked up some Vitamin D sunshine through my bedroom window. Have binged watched some TV. Crocheted and made some new jewelry. Read a few books. Oh, and of course, my laptop nearby to do some writing.

I will be sharing more news and fun stuff shortly. I have some interesting things to add to the website – items I hope that you will enjoy. I will also be posting more of my art and crafts, something I dearly love. Also sharing a few things that I will be doing this year. One thing is that I’m getting ready to go through training to be a local weather spotter for my area! I’m a weather bug (so is my husband) so I’m really looking forward to this. But I will give more details later.

I truly hope that everyone is doing terrific. I might have missed you here on the blog but have been thinking about you.

Love and Hugs to all!


Mar 15, 2017

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