It’s Been A Busy Weekend But Welcome To July!

Can you believe it is July? Wow! This marks the half way point of the year. Another Wow!

I started this new month today by attending the second day of some terrific training. I love learning new things and being able to learn online is awesome. I signed up for this two-day training over a month ago, excited to learn some new skills. At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to give up my weekend but boy I’m glad I did.

Learning via the Internet has really changed the face of education. The training I attended over the last two days was held as though we were all in a classroom. We had an 8-hour schedule with breaks. I set up my computer and workspace as though I was sitting in front of my teachers and was able to absorb so much information. Almost too much – it’s going to take time to digest it all but that’s fine with me!

But now this week it’s a bit of break as we take time to celebrate our nation’s birthday! I know there are lots of people on vacation so everyone be careful out there!

Sending you some happy vibes!


Jul 01, 2018

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Welcome To July!