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It Was 4 Years Ago Today


Oh wow! As of today it’s been 4 years since I began my author’s journey and started writing the first book “The Keys To Love”. It’s hard to believe it’s been a relatively short time but so much has happened!

The Keys To Love, Author, Writing, Miki Bennett,It was February 13, 2015 – Friday the 13th to be exact – when I heard that small voice that said “Grab your laptop, get back in bed and write.” As I look back, I’m so glad I listened. I had no idea at that time that 4 years later I would have 9 novels and 2 novellas to my name. I have learned so much about writing, publishing and marketing. I’ve been introduced to a brand new world I didn’t know existed. One of meeting celebrated New York Times Best-Selling Authors. Meeting other indie authors. Talking to literary agents. Going to book signings – my own and other authors. Going on book tours in the Southeast US. Meeting so many new people – in person and online.

Though the last 4 years have been fun, there have also been times when I thought about giving up and stopping. I remember when I finished my 4th “Florida Keys Novels” book, I thought I was ready to move on to another creative endeavor. So I made a promise to finish the “Camping in High Heels” series that was already in the works and that would be it. But now, 3 new book series have formulated in my imagination and outlined. Also 4 stand-alone books including a non-fiction book have been planned. Maybe these new books will be released a little slower than the previous ones so I can work on another passion of mine but then maybe not. I’ll have to wait and see.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND LOVE DURING THIS JOURNEY OF MINE!  My readers, I feel, are simple the best there is and I honestly can’t put in words how much you mean to me.

Big Hugs!


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Miki Bennett

Inspired by a passion for wholesome adventure, Miki Bennett is the author of two contemporary women’s fiction series: The Florida Keys Novels and Camping in High Heels. A love affair with the beach and lifelong experiences with camping led her to write romance novels that bring humor and paradise to readers’ fingertips. Her stories touch the hearts of all who read them.

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