Inspiration For Today: You Can Make It Happen!

Today’s inspiration post is pretty special to me. I love the words and they are so very true:

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The reason I love this quote is because today has been one of persistence. I love writing and when I’m finishing a book I really get in the zone. But when you aren’t feeling your best, sometimes it takes digging down deep inside to find that extra something to help you push through. And that is just what I did today.

I finished a project and wrote over 14,000 words today! I written that much before but not at a time when I wasn’t feeling good. But at the same time, getting lost in my writing helped me not concentrate on what was bothering me physically. So I guess you could say I had a win/win: a finished project and the releasing of some stress that comes with not feeling your best.

So I say to you: you may not feel like you can reach those goals and dreams but “stay positive, work hard and make it happen”!

Big Hugs!




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Oct 23, 2018

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