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Ideas For A Great Beach Picnic


Have you ever had a picnic on the beach? They are the BEST for so many reasons!

In my novel “Forever in the Keys”, Zach invites Abbey for a picnic on the beach at Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys. When I was writing the book I thought what better way for these two characters to get to know each other! Beach, Food, Sunshine, Cool Breezes? Perfect scenario.

Here at home, I love taking picnic foods to my favorite beach. Sometimes I go by myself or on the weekends, my husband will join me. It might be for breakfast, lunch or dinner – just depends on the time of day. We have a cooler and tote we use just for our beach excursions along with the perfect beach mat to give us a nice area to sit on while we eat, enjoying the sites and sounds of everything around us.

To be able to sit on the sand, watching and listening as the waves roll in while eating your favorite foods is such a treat. Plus it is super relaxing. We make sure to silence any devices we have with us. Also, if you are with someone, this is the perfect place to just sit and talk about anything. If you happen to be by yourself, this is the best time to sit and reflect, maybe even journal your thoughts. After you’re done eating, a short nap especially if it’s in the middle of the day! The sound of the waves makes me sleepy whether I’ve had food or not.

Now what’s our favorite beach foods? We usually go with whole grain sandwiches with veggies, fruit for dessert and lots of water, sometimes infused with fruit. Sometimes we’ll break our healthy eating routine and go for an ice cream cone, especially on those really hot days or if we happen to be at movie night on the beach. Might even sneak some chips – you have to have treats once in a while.

So if you live near the ocean, give yourself the gift of a waterside picnic. And if the ocean isn’t close by? Usually there are rivers and lakes you find that have beautiful places that are super for picnics. There is something about being near the water that is just relaxing and soothing.

I’d love to know where your favorite picnic spots are. Let me know in the comments below.

Big Hugs!


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It’s a beach picnic!

Miki Bennett

Inspired by a passion for wholesome adventure, Miki Bennett is the author of two contemporary women’s fiction series: The Florida Keys Novels and Camping in High Heels. A love affair with the beach and lifelong experiences with camping led her to write romance novels that bring humor and paradise to readers’ fingertips. Her stories touch the hearts of all who read them.

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