I know – funny blog post title from an author and artist right?  Welcome to my quirky life. This particular “to do” on my list was WAY overdue for so many reasons and why not share all the juicy details with you just in case you get that “I’ve got to clean my pantry” feeling.

As you may know from my first novel and my “About Me” page here on this blog or if we have ever met in person, I have this “thing” called Mastocytosis.  Rare little bugger that can really throw me out of commission if I don’t stay pretty vigilant about so many areas of my life – from the shampoo I use, to the food I eat, the store I go to, etc. In my world just about anything can cause me to visit the local ER for anaphylaxis/allergic reactions – no fun at all!  And lately, because I’ve just let down my guard from being busy to handling a bunch of stress (good and not so good) and more, my body has decided to revolt.  My Mast Cells have sent me plenty of messages over the last three weeks or so that enough is enough.  And I really don’t want to make the trip to the hospital because the last doc had to Google my illness.  Reassurance at its best! 🙂

IMG_8678 (1)So anyway, I’m finally (no I have to) getting myself back on track, trying to regain some of that “I feel pretty good” response I was getting used to giving those who would ask how I was feeling.  Especially those who knew about my complicated health issue. It was a lot of work to keep me from being reactive but I can say now – it was worth it.  But I KNOW everyone has been here before. Sometimes you just feel like “I’ll do this just once” or “Just one bite won’t hurt” or “It’s not really that bad”.  These are the things you say when things are going good BECAUSE YOU HAVE STUCK TO YOUR PLAN.

I guess you can tell by now I haven’t stuck to my plan.  Yep – my fault and I take full responsibility but I don’t want to.  Let someone else take the blame please?  Okay, enough whining. Time to pull up my big girl panties and get back on track.

So I said all of that to tell you this.  As part of my “Get it together so I feel good” plan, I detoxed my pantry.  I  got rid of all the bad foods that I’m not suppose to have due to my rare illness and for the Mr. who just was diagnosed with Diabetes in December.  Aren’t we a fun pair?  We really are and we do quite well when we stick to what we are suppose to do for our health.  Okay – I need to change that last sentence.  He is doing pretty good following doctor’s orders but he is new to the game.  Me – I decided to rebel and boy am I paying for it now.

But here is the good news!  I’m back on my health plan.  Just the act of cleaning out the food that we shouldn’t eat was cleansing for me – body and soul.  And not that we had that much “bad” food.  I eat natural unprocessed foods  and if it does come in a box it has to be under 5 ingredients that are all natural and preservative free.  Not bad right?  But with my delicate system and my poor Mast Cells not sure if they should fight or sleep, food from a box (processed) keeps me on a rollercoaster.  But I can smooth out the ride if I follow some steps, take meds when appropriate and watch what I do.  And even though it has only been a few days, I can feel a slight improvement in my condition and “slight” in my world means “momentous”!

That’s what is happening in my little corner of the world.  Still creating.  Still writing (book #3 is on its way – I’m so excited).  But I have to put my health on the front burner for now.  And my feeling is that we all should make our health a major priority.  Because when we are at our best, we can do so much not only for ourselves but for others too.  We also make it easier for those we live with to be able to live with us.  By taking care of ourselves, we take away a little bit of worry for our loved ones.

So give yourself a little bit of TLC – YOU DESERVE IT!

Love & Hugs!