Holiday Gift Ideas For The Book Lover On Your List

So it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have a Holiday gift guide for book lovers as a blog post, right? Of course, I have to mention that my novels, either individually or as a set, make great gifts. Pair them with a t-shirt, mug or tote bag – a winning combo (in my opinion – LOL!).

But here are some other gift ideas that I think are just too cute for those on your Christmas List that love to read!

*Personal Library Kit! This is adorable!  Comes with checkout cards and a date stamp for keeping track of those books you lend to your family and friends.

Books, Book Gifts, Gifts, Presents

*A wooden page spreader. This handy little tool helps readers hold books open with one hand. Great idea! 

Books, Book Gift, Christmas, Christmas Gift, Presents

*How about a custom wire bookmark? These are simply adorable and are available on Etsy!

Book, Books, Bookmark, Wire Bookmark, Handmade, Gifts, Christmas, Christmas Presents, Presents,

*Have to include a book coffee mug. Especially this time of year when you can snuggle up with a good book and a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa!

Mug, Coffee Mug, Tea Mug, Hot Cocoa Mug, Drink Mug, Mug, Christmas, Christmas gifts, Presents

*Now this is romantic! Matching his and hers book lockets that you can write in! Leave love notes for your special somebody.

Lockets, Jewelry, Matching Lockets, Christmas Gifts, Gifts, Presents,

*This is a great way for the special someone to keep track of the books they read: a book journal!

Journal, Book Journal, Books, Christmas, Christmas Gifts, Presents

*Ok – this is one I really like but I love socks. These are book socks. Just read the inscription on the bottom!

Socks, Christmas Gift, gifts, Presents, Book Socks, Clothing

*Here’s another piece of jewelry for those that love to read: a beautiful bangle bracelet that says “Just one more chapter”. A very appropriate saying at times when you are in the middle of a good book!

Bracelet, Jewelry, Christmas, Christmas gift, Presents

*If the person you are buying for loves books and a good cup of tea, this gift is perfect. It’s called “Novel Teas”! It has 25 bags of tea with literary quotes!

Tea, Drinks, Presents, Gifts, Book Lover, Christmas Gift

Ok, I know that’s only nine items but if I keep going, this blog post would be rather long. I adore these unusual ideas for those that love to read who are on your Christmas List.

Big Hugs!



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Dec 08, 2018

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