Have You Ever Heard Of “Blogger’s Block”???


I know at some time you’ve heard of Writer’s Block. That time when you are suppose to be writing something and nothing seems to leave your brain to make its way to paper or to the computer keys. Well today I seem to have “Blogger’s Block”!

Yes, I’m writing about not being able to write. How weird right? The funny thing is I have so many ideas and information I want to share but as I sat with my laptop in front of me, nothing seemed to feel right. Everything I tried to write about (until this moment!) just didn’t sound right or my brain couldn’t find the words to say.

Blog, ComputerI was (still am) a tiny bit frustrated but now that I’m writing about drawing a mental blank on subjects, the words seem to flow. So maybe I was supposed to write about being stuck? You never know.

I’m sure some of this is coming from some ideas I’m working on – for books and other projects. Maybe I just needed today (or more!) to let my mind rest. Remember the other day I said I liked to binge watch on Netflix? Maybe this is the time to do it.

Do you ever feel stuck? If so, what do you do to move forward?

Sending Out Big Hugs!




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Sep 08, 2018

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