Getting Out In Nature

As you know, I’m a coastal girl. I LOVE the beach and I’m also blessed to live along the beautiful Ashley River in Charleston.

The river has its own natural beauty just like the beach. The salt water does reach to where we live and we do see the occasional dolphin or two. We are fortunate to have a wonderful dock that stretches out over the water and my parents have a boat. This is perfect for this coastal girl who loves the water.

I love going to the river no matter what time of day but sunsets are probably my most favorite time of day. It seems like each evening, the sky mixed with clouds and varying weather conditions can create some stunning sunsets. Watching the picture show in the sky and hearing the water lap around you is down right relaxing and peaceful.

The thing is that having this relaxing, peaceful feeling among nature doesn’t have to happen along the water’s edge. Yes, for me, I love it. But for some, it could be a meadow surrounded by stunning mountains that are still topped with snow. For others it could the wide-open expanse of the desert. Or maybe it’s hiking a trail through the woods. There are so many ways to envelope yourself by the nature that surrounds us. We just have to show up.

Big Hugs!


Jun 03, 2018

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