Getting Out In Nature For A Bit Of Healing & Relaxation

It’s been almost three months now that I have been trying a little experiment. I wanted to make sure that each day I spent some time outside in nature. I have done my best to make sure I was near water, either the beach (preferably) or the river by my house. This has been what I call my “nature fix” each day. And I have to say I’ve done really well at achieving my daily goal! I can tell the difference in myself physically and mentally.

What I’ve found over this period of time is being out in nature brings me a sense of relaxation and calm. To begin with the sounds of nature all around is simply wonderful. If I’m at the beach, it’s the music of the ocean waves. By the river, it’s the rhythmic sounds of frogs and crickets I hear because I’m usually outside in the evening when the temperatures are tolerable. I’ve witnessed many sunsets and a few sunrises, each beautiful in their own way. It’s like a big picture show courtesy of Mother Nature. Plus I’ve seen many different animals, met new friends and more.

There is scientific research that says that being out in nature is healing and a stress reliever. After this small experiment I believe it! Getting my nature fix each day helps me deal with the symptoms of the illness I have. Like I said earlier – it’s just so relaxing!

Sunset, Nature, River, By The Water, Out In Nature, I recommend you try this yourself. Try to get out in nature even if it’s only for a few minutes. And even if it’s only in your yard (I have had a couple of those days)! You’ll be glad you did!

Happy Vibes Everyone!



Jul 30, 2018

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Love Being Out In Nature