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Get Your Journals Out & Let’s Write About Fun!

When was the last time you had some fun? You know that kind of fun that made you smile, feel good inside and you didn’t want to quit whatever you were doing or leave to go home? I know that during this current situation we find ourselves in we might not have done much of this lately. But even though we have restrictions in place due to the virus, we can still have some fun.

Ready For A Fun Week?

This is a great week to write about fun since Halloween is this Saturday. Even with gatherings being limited, Halloween parties will go on – just smaller groups. They tend to bring out the fun as people, young and mature, go all out on costumes. I love seeing how creative people can be. But there are so many fun things out there to do – just depends on what you like.

Here Are The Prompts!

Answering the prompts below will give you some things to ponder upon but also help you think about what you can do to bring some fun into your life. Let’s get started!

  1. What is something you do now that is fun?
  2. Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what’s your costume?
  3. What is something you’d like to try that looks like fun?
  4. What can you do to bring some fun into someone else life today?
  5. Make a list of the fun things you can do even with the virus restrictions.
  6. What is your favorite funny joke?
  7. What does the word “fun” mean to you?

I hope this list of prompts help brings some fun into your life. Goodness knows we all could use some now! And if we take the time to think about fun things to do and plan accordingly, we can all have some good times amidst the current circumstances we find ourselves.

Have Fun Everyone!


Miki Bennett

Inspired by a passion for wholesome adventure, Miki Bennett is the author of two contemporary women’s fiction series: The Florida Keys Novels and Camping in High Heels. A love affair with the beach and lifelong experiences with camping led her to write romance novels that bring humor and paradise to readers’ fingertips. Her stories touch the hearts of all who read them.

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