Exercising At The Beach

I’m not sure how the weather is where you live but here in Charleston it’s wonderful! So much in fact that Jeff and I decided to exercise at the beach this morning.Beach, Couple, Walk, Smile, Happy

Usually we go to the ocean shore on Sunday mornings. It’s for relaxation, hunting for shells and dipping our toes in the water. But this morning we made it our morning walk – our exercise for the day.

Though it was windy, the beach was perfect. We set a good pace and completed our exercise for the day all while enjoying nature around us: watching huge waves due to the wind, a playful dog who couldn’t get enough of rolling in the sand and, though we didn’t collect any this morning, we saw hundreds of shells washed up on shore.

We’re committed to getting in exercising every day. We like different activities (I love to dance – he definitely doesn’t!) but getting in that physical activity is really important to both of us. The next step (at least for me) is to learn Tai Chi! I can’t wait!

I hope you enjoy your Sunday and Happy Cinco De Mayo!




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May 05, 2019

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