Ever Had One Of “Those” Days???

It’s really hard to write about this on only the 2nd day of the new year but today has been one of “those” days for me, if you know what I mean.

Though I thought I paced myself pretty well over the holidays, apparently my body didn’t think so. At least, my Mast Cell reactions didn’t start until today! Those allergic like reactions that can be miserable or send me to the hospital. So far, I’m keeping them in check by staying home, resting and medicine. Oh, and LOTS of water!

Then I had supplies that were supposed to be shipped on time – nope. Our van was supposed to be fixed in time for us to go to the RV Show in Greenville – nope. Wanted to go to an event this evening that I was really looking forward to – nope. And three other things that were supposed to be working or changed by today – nope. All these items weren’t anyone dropping the ball. It was just the simple fact that things didn’t work out.

Porch, Fall, Sweater, I could throw up my hands and have a pity party but I thought about what I accomplished instead. 1. Got my Christmas Tree down. Probably shouldn’t have but it’s done. 2. Since I had to take meds and rest, I watched a weird but interesting movie on Netflix. 3. Did research for my writing. 4. Worked on my Vision Board (laying in bed). 5. Listened to a new audiobook. 6. FaceTimed with my BFF – she is such a good listener! 7. Started new crochet project. 8. Worked on some papers I needed to look at.

Of course, I did the above in between my bouts of fatigue and taking meds but I still was able to do some things even though the day didn’t quite turn out like I planned. But focusing on what I got accomplished/started/enjoyed and what I’m grateful for is better than complaining about all the things that are a mess at the moment.

Have you had days like this? How do you handle them?

Big Hugs!



  1. Lori Beam

    So sorry you are under the weather. Yay you did get a lot done even though everything else was up in the air! Give yourself a big hug for what you did!! Hope rest of week is better!

  2. Kelly Steinhoff

    You had an awful time but you sure were a trooper!! Hope things get better and you are feeling better!!Remember to self care and take care of yourself !

  3. Jimette Ross

    So sorry Miki. Hope you feel better. I curl up with the books and wait for tomorrow, knowing it has to be better. Feel better Miki!


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Jan 02, 2019

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