Enter Your Own Stress Free Zone

Take Time To Relax Each Day

Every now and then – well everyday really – we need to enter our own “Stress Free Zone”.

As you are aware, I can go to the beach and it feels as though any stress I have just melts away. I love the beach with its combination of sand beneath my feet, smelling the salty sea air, listening to the sounds of the waves and more that help me let go and relax. I’ve talk to others that feel the same way but for others it’s the mountains or the desert or walking through the forest or riding on their boat that helps with their stress.Stress, Relax, Relaxation, Stress Free Zone, Beach, Ocean, Waves, Sand, Sea

Wherever your “Stress Free Zone” is, even if you can’t visit it in person, take yourself there in your mind. Find a quiet spot and just imagine yourself there. The more you do this, the better you’ll become of being able to actually feel as though you’re in your special place thus reducing the stress you feel throughout your body and mind.

So treat yourself to a bit of TLC and enter your “Stress Free Zone”.

Big Hugs!




  1. Lisa Harness

    Thanks for the fantastic summer giveaway chance.
    Stress free zone—Just outside in God’s Creation, Montana & beach. So… just sbout anywhere.

    • Miki

      I love being out in nature too!


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