Do You Take Time Everyday To Laugh?

Laughter is definitely part of my daily routine! It is so healthy for us – mentally and physically.

Laughing, Family, Family Time, Having Fun, FunA long time ago when I was going through a particularly rough patch, I read that laughing every day was good for you in so many ways. It will ease stress; release good hormones in the body that are healthy; help you focus on something else that is positive and so much more. I remember thinking a goal I wanted to do is make sure I got my dose of laughter in for the day.

That has been some time now and laughter is back on my schedule as part of my self-care. I have TV shows I know I can watch each day that bring a smile to my face even though I may have seen that episode many times. I keep many Blu-Ray, DVDs and Online Videos handy with comedy specials I watch whenever I want. Then I have my stash of funny movies – even some goofy ones – that make me laugh till sometime I have tears in my eyes. Happy tears!

I know that after watching or listening to some comedy, I can feel a difference in my body and mind. There is a shift that is hard to explain but if you have ever had a good laugh, you know what I mean.

So as part of your own self-care, I would suggest that laughter should be on your list of ways to help you every single day. I know it’s on mine!

Big Hugs!



  1. Kelly Steinhoff

    Yes I agree laughing is good for the soul!!

  2. Tiffany

    Laughter can always brighten my day, even for just a little while. Thanks for sharing! 💕


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Jan 24, 2019

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