Do You Read Magazines?

This may sound like an odd question but do you still read magazines? Like real paper magazines from the store?

Read, MagazinesI remember a time when I used to read A TON of magazines! I would go to a store like Books-A-Million or Barnes & Noble and walk out with an obscene amount of magazines. Really!!! I’ve always loved magazines since I was young. I would tear out articles I wanted to keep or cut out pictures for my bulletin board and now Vision Board.

But about 4 years ago, I stopped buying them. Well, maybe one or two here and there but I was consuming so much information from the internet using my computer or iPad that magazines weren’t that important anymore.

That changed this week. Now I didn’t go crazy with a huge stack but I purchased a few magazines at the grocery store on my shopping trip. It had been so long since I looked at a magazine rack that I couldn’t believe the new ones that were available! I think I purchased 4 and though they were a bit pricey, it sure brought back some memories.

Now for someone that is trying to simplify and get rid of items not needed, adding a stack of magazines to go through probably doesn’t make sense but I can’t wait to read them. They will be my reward for getting my taxes done (hopefully by tomorrow evening!). It’ll be nice to sit and peruse through the pages though I now know I can get some of these magazines on my iPad through apps like Texture. I’ll be checking the app out for sure.

So do you still read magazines? Or just rely on the internet?

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Mar 23, 2019

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