Do You Keep A Journal??? I Do And It’s Fun!

Lately it seems you can’t read a blog post or listen to a podcast without someone mentioning the word “journal”. You need to keep a journal – at least that is what the experts say. So I ask: Do you have a journal you write in everyday?

I remember as a little girl and teenager, I had my “secret diary” where I kept my feelings and thoughts on paper. I still have those books and from time to time, I’ll read them, laughing and remembering. These days I journal differently. Sometimes it is voice memos on my phone that I transcribe later. Or I’ll write in a small notebook I carry in my handbag.

But my favorite new way to journal about my day is using my planner. I write my important events of the day, thoughts, feelings – whatever – then decorate the journal pages. I might use Washi tape, colored markers, homemade stickers and more. About anything I find that will stay in the planner/journal and remind me of the day’s events. I’m just beginning this new creative endeavor and so far I find myself looking for things to add to my journal. I’m remembering more details about my day and writing them down. And being able to decorate the pages is a HUGE bonus for this girl that loves to be creative!

So if you journal, what is your favorite way? Notebook and pen? Typing on a computer? Voice notes? I would love to know what you think!

Keeping the positive vibes rolling!



Jul 06, 2018

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Make Sure To Keep A Journal!