I just have to share this funny moment with you.  For two reasons:  First of all, it was quite funny even though maybe you had to be there.  And two, I learned a nice lesson from it.

So I’m limited (right now) to what type of exercise I can do.  My Mast Cells can get a little skittish if I do something real ambitious like power walking, running – well anything that really raises my heart rate  really fast.  So I stick to walking (indoor and outside) and I love to dance.

I took lessons as a child for 10 years – ballet on pointe, jazz, tap.  And loved every minute of it.  Truth be known, I would take lessons today but – well you know already.  Got to take it slow.  Anyway, I love to dance at home.  Usually I just put on some happy music and dance for exercise.  But the other day, my iPad randomly selected the song “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble.  It was slow but had that real sexy vibe.  I was in the bedroom by myself so I decided to do slow, sexy (not nasty!) movements.  I could get in some exercise and the slow movement was helping me to stretch.  Since it was totally different than my “happy”, faster music, it was kind of cool to do something different.  That was till I got caught!

I mean I was totally into the song!  It was like I was on my own private stage.  Eyes closed, letting my body just flow with the music.  Then I open my eyes, turn around and see my husband standing there with a huge smile on his face!!!  I was so embarrassed and started laughing so hard, I fell to the floor.  All I heard from him was “Keep going!”  By then we both were laughing so hard.  And even though I was embarrassed, it felt good.

I would have never danced like that in front of others but then I thought why not?  I wasn’t stripping or anything.  I was just enjoying the music, letting my body flow.  I wasn’t worried about anyone and was totally present in the moment.  As I think about it now, I keep remembering how present I was.  I mean nothing else existed at that moment.  I’m usually the multi-multi-multi tasker (but learning to mono-task) so now when I think of that “exercise time”,  it was so relaxing and really can’t wait to feel like that again.

The truth is we can feel it everyday.  If we just concentrate on what we are doing at the present moment.  Become completely immersed in that time.  I know its hard to do.  Even though I had my dance time that helped me see how great it felt to embrace the now, employing that in everyday life is a challenge.  But after my “Dance Like No One Is Watching” time, I’m ready to practice this concept much more.

So take time to soak up the moment. See exactly where you are and be there.  Forget about the grocery list, the laundry, the paperwork due at school or work. Unless that is what you are doing.

Be in the present moment.

Love & Hugs!


Thought you might enjoy my dance song!