Creating Moments

Have you heard of this thing of choosing a word for the year? A word that will inspire you as you plan out the New Year? It’s been very popular for a while now and I have done it a few years. This year the word I chose was “Moments”.

I’m very bad (but getting better thank you!) about always being so busy. Since I was a young child I felt like I had to be productive at all times no matter what. This has served me in some areas of life and has been a detriment in others. So at the end of 2017 when I was choosing my word for 2018, the word “moments” came immediately to my mind.

For me choosing the word “moments” was meant for me to slow down, simplify and simply be present – to be in the moment. It also meant creating and remembering moments, big and small.

So far this year, I think I’ve done pretty well. I still have my times when that urge to just keep going, going, going kicks in but I can see where I’m getting a bit better each day.

Last night was a perfect example of being in the moment but also making it super special. As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to see one of my favorite singers: Jimmy Buffett. Just love that island music! The problem was that as much as the rest of my family enjoys Jimmy’s music, no one really likes it as much as I do. But my daughter, Holly, loves all types of music – she gets this from me. J

When I asked her if she would like to go with me, there was no hesitation – she wanted to be there. But for both of us, it was more than just the concert but the chance to have a special mother-daughter date. I was certainly more excited about the songs and the concert itself, but she was right there with me, singing along and doing a little bit of dancing. We had such a terrific time, just being together and enjoying the whole evening. We created a special moment.

So I ask you to look for or create those moments in your life everyday. It can be something as simple as sitting on your front porch or in a park or on a beach, watching a sunset or sunrise. It could be sharing a movie with your loved ones. Or maybe playing a board game with the family. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It’s just the fact that you’re present in the moment and creating those special moments you will always remember.

Love & Hugs!


Apr 07, 2018

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