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New Journal Prompts Are Here!

Travel And Outdoors

Welcome to the travel and outdoors section of my blog. I love to travel, and I love the outdoors. I also love to write about both! Growing up, my parents owned an RV dealership and we spent many hours traveling down the road in our camper on wheels. Just being outdoors was great, and getting to see a lot of different places was fantastic! I still feel the same way today. My husband Jeff and I have been to many destinations and the memories made while traveling seem to be extra special. Well, they seem extra special to me anyway. But it’s not just the travel. There’s something very special to me about being in the great outdoors.

New Journal Prompts Are Here!

I’m having so much fun with my “Summer Camp” activities plus writing these journal prompts. But let’s talk “camp” first!

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It’s Hot Outside Y’all!

Wow, I can’t believe this heat wave we are experiencing here in South Carolina. I’m not sure what your weather is like where you live is but here it’s HOT!

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That Time Of Year: Getting Out In Nature

Even if you’re an “indoor” person, I think everyone can benefit from a little outside nature fix each day. When I do, I can tell the difference in myself physically and mentally.

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Which Do You Prefer: Beach, Mountains, Or Desert?

Which is your favorite: the soothing beach, the majestic mountains or the raw beauty of the desert? I’m a beach girl but love them all!

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The Wildlife Are Finally Coming Out To Play!

Make sure to take time to connect with nature every day. Even a few minutes outside, possibly observing the sky or animals. These moments can be amazing.

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When Is The Last Time You Went On A Picnic?

I love picnics! And I’m so lucky to have a lot of great places I can go to get out in nature and relax with a delicious meal.

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