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My “Summer Camp” Was A Bit Unusual This Week!

Simplify And Organize

Simplify and organize, and you’ll get a less stressful life. Organizing and simplifying are not the same thing. However, they are closely related. I like to strive for simplicity. That way I’m also promoting peacefulness, freedom and meaning. Organizing is just a way to simplify an otherwise stressful life.
I’ts easy to confuse organization for simplicity. Sometimes is easier to organize than it is to simplify, but the goal should usually be simplifying. As you go about daily life, pay attention to things that you can make more efficient. When you focus your efforts on efficiency, the organization and simplification processes often just fall into place.

My “Summer Camp” Was A Bit Unusual This Week!

My “Summer Camp” was very different this week. Because of bad thunderstorms, doctor’s appointments, etc., things were changed up – but in a good way!

Minimalism Can Be Fun!

I know you’ve probably heard a lot about minimalism lately. Reducing clutter and living with only what you need or the items that bring you joy has become the “in” thing for a good reason.

I’m Having Planner Confusion!

I have a paper planner – Yay! But I keep going back to my digital calendar and plain notebook. Habit I guess but the new planner is so pretty!

My Planner Is Finished – Well Almost!

Still at work putting together my fun, creative planner. New goal: TO HAVE A PLANNER TO SHOW TO YOU NEXT WEEK! Then I can share how I did it!

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My Planner Is Almost Done!

If you’re planner addict like me it’s fun to put your own together. A little from this planner and a little from another. Hope to have it finished in a few day!

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What Kind Of Planner Do You Use?

You know my love/obsession with planners – digital and paper. I’ve heard from others who love their planners so what is your favorite type or brand of planner?

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