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How Are You thriving This Summer?

Self Care And Relaxation

Welcome to the self care and relaxation category of my blog. These are no doubt my favorite two topics to blog about. I write more articles about these than I do any other topic, so you can see how important these things are to me. I believe you have to take care of yourself. You’re the only you that you’ve got! I believe you need to listen to your mind and your body and then nurture what they need. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a break, listening to music, or just going outside to get a breath of fresh air. Self care and relaxation are more important to your health than you may realize!

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How Are You thriving This Summer?

I truly hope that in your part of the world that things are fine as they can be at this moment in time. Have to admit it’s been challenging!

Welcome To My Summer Camp Plus New Journal Prompts!

It’s certainly feels like summer though the calendar says it’s still a few weeks away. So I’ve put together my own “Summer Camp” experience for the next three months.

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Self-Care Tip: Go A Day Without Complaining

Today I’m bringing you another self-care tip and though this might sound a bit unusual it’s a great one: go one day without complaining about ANYTHING!

Here’s An Important Self Care Tip!

When it comes to your self-care, don’t listen to other’s opinions. Listen to your body and your intuition. It will be right every time.

Time For A Self Care Break

Do you have times when you just take that break you need? If not, ask yourself why. Taking time for yourself just might be the thing that energizes you later.

Music, Headphones

Have You Tried Music When You Need Some Inspiration?

When you need some inspiration, what do you turn to? Music is the thing for me when I need that extra push to get through a task or project.

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