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Stop Overthinking Those Dreams

Inspiration And Goals

Inspiration and goals, the two things I depend on for writing. Creativity often requires inspiration and getting things done usually requires goals. As a writer, I must do both. These two things go together like peas and carrots or like family and holidays. That’s why I’ve grouped them together in the same category. Sometimes when I get inspired, it happens out of the blue. I’ll find it in a photograph or in one of the colors of the sky. It just has a tendency of happening when it’s least expected. When it hits, I like to take advantage of it.

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Stop Overthinking Those Dreams

Among the to do lists, family obligations, keeping up with friends and more, we wonder if there’s time to pursue what we really want to do. Today’s quote is perfect.

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Love Getting Things Done!

I would have to say that today has been very productive. Actually, this entire week has been. I love getting things done!

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What Goes Around Comes Around!

I know that you’ve probably heard this quote or saying at some point in your life. When I was younger, I knew the meaning but the older I get the more I see this quote in action.

Sometimes You Just Need To Simply Begin!

If you procrastinate know that you aren’t alone but let today’s quote sink into your mind. I know it’s helping me! Just simply begin!

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Let’s Make Some Waves Of Happiness!

Get out there make those waves of happiness! Remember they ripple out so your decisions will affect those around you. Now that is powerful!

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The Lessons – The Present – The Motivation

Another great quote that will help you contemplate several areas of your life: past, present and future. The simplicity of this message is powerful.

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