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“Thankful November” Day 29: Love My Music!


All of my favorites, together in one place. The is where I blog about my favorite things and people. Sometimes I write about my favorite music. Other times I write about some of my favorite authors or books. Whatever the case may be, if it’s one of my favorite things or people, you’ll find it in this category. Often times, it’s not even a thing or a person. It can be an event, a feeling or a time of year. It doesn’t have to fit into any particular box, it only has to be one of my favorites. – Miki Bennett

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“Thankful November” Day 29: Love My Music!

I have various playlists for different music. Probably my favorite list is called “Movie Magic”. I adore the songs from movies!

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“Thankful November” Day 21: Online Shopping

I’m so thankful for online shopping. It can free up so much of your time, allowing you to do something fun. Give it a try – I think you might like it!

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My Favorite “Candy” Stores”: Apple And Staples!

I consider the Apple store and Staples my “candy” stores. I enjoy going and looking even if I’m not buying anything. Yes, that’s just me!

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Here Are Some Of The People I Follow On Social Media

Today social media is one of the ways I stay in touch with my family, friends and, of course, my readers.


I’m In LOVE With Pinterest!

TweetPin, Pin, Pin Away! I know that may sound silly but I absolutely ADORE Pinterest! I almost feel like I can search this app and find more there than when I’m searching on Google. Well, almost. I’ve had a Pinterest account for quite some time – really since Pinterest first came onto the Internet scene. …

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Listening To The Oldies On My Record Player

Tweet The other day when I was upstairs, looking for a small shelf, I came across a box full of my old 45 records from my childhood. I knew they were there but just seeing them made me want to listen them right away! My dad gave me a record player a few years back …

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