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Let’s Write About The Holidays!

Family And Holidays

I’m so grateful to have supportive, loving family members around me that when things get tough or it’s time to celebrate, we’re there for each other. And what do we like to celebrate? You guessed it, the holidays. Nothing goes together quite like family and holidays. That’s why I’ve grouped these articles together on my blog. It’s like a hand in a glove or peas and carrots. They just go together. We love to celebrate all the major holidays like Christmas, Easter and the Fourth of July. We also like to celebrate some lesser known holidays like International Women’s Day. The event doesn’t matter, it spending time with family that matters.

Let’s Write About The Holidays!

So, since many people are getting into the holiday spirit let’s journal about the upcoming holidays. It’s a great way to plan and remember!

Thanksgiving, Pumpkins, Pumpkin Pie, Dessert

It’s Thanksgiving Week! What Are You Thankful For?

Each day this week, write about the gratitude and blessings that surround no matter what your circumstances.

Food, Thanksgiving, Holidays

Let’s Write About Food!

It’s the holidays and that means FOOD! I hope you enjoy these food prompts and they don’t make you too hungry!

Pumpkin, Pumpkins, Smile, Holiday, Halloween

It’s Halloween Week! Here Is Some Holiday Journal Prompts!

So let’s have fun today! Here are some fun journal prompts about Halloweenthis holidayand the Fall season!

Fall, Autumn, Season, Pumpkins, Holidays

It’s Fall Y’all! Ready For the Season?

Wow – it’s the first day of Fall! Pumpkins, colorful leaves and cooler temperatures. How do you celebrate this time of the year?

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Birthday America! You’re officially 243 years old! There have been bumps and bruises but you’re still here!

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