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I’m Designing My Own Book Cover!


“Where do you find your creativity?” For me it is an easy answer:everywhere!
First, I think I was born a creative gal. Creating and making things has always been a part of my life. Nowadays, I find inspiration for creativity everywhere. It could be a song I listen to that inspires a passage in one of my novels. A picture I capture on my camera might become a painting in my studio. Seeing vivid colors on a building mural might look fabulous in a crocheted scarf. I always make sure to keep a notebook, pen/pencil plus my iPad with me to capture these ideas so hopefully I can bring them to fruition.

I’m Designing My Own Book Cover!

I’m taking my creativity to a whole new level: I’m designing the cover for my newest book about journaling. A new creative adventure!

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My Creativity Tote: Planners, Journals, & Sketchbook!

Here’s my Planner and Journal Tote – or Creativity Tote! This little bag with all my supplies definitely lets me be creative on the go. I Love It!

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Exciting! An Outdoor Crafting Space!

I’m delighted about what is going on in our garage. Slowly but surely, soon, there’ll be an outdoor DIY space for a bunch of projects I have plans to make.

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My New Boho Closet “Curtain”!

Have you ever made something funky for your house? I love finding creative ways to decorate especially when I can repurpose something I already have.

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Where Do You find Creativity?

Find your creativity, whatever that means to you. There are so many forms. I bet you might say: “Why haven’t I done this before!”

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Welcome To My Writer/Art Nook!

I FINALLY can show you my own little writer/art nook! I figured since it’s 90% organized, I couldn’t wait to give you a peak!

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