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First of all, read book reviews & learn what other readers have to say about author Miki Bennet's novels. Furthermore, these include Camping In High Heels & the Florida Keys novel series. Consequently, these have book reviews. Moreover, these reviews will help you decide what to read next.
Fun Refreshing Read! – A story as gentle as the waves and as warm as the sun Maddy so loves. Miki skillfully pulled me in and kept me reading. Her character development was strong and refreshing. Debut novels are frequently my choice and I was not disappointed in the least with this work. It has it all: love, laughter, problems, resolve, mystery, determination, and best of all, high moral standards.

- S. Wathen

A Must Read! - This is a great "feel Good" book. Great beach read or on a rainy night. Miki brings the keys to life. The characters get richer with each book. Definitely worth reading. 

- R. Smallwood

Camping In High Heels is fantastic! - Yes, I am loving this book. I got it at the R.V. camping show in Greenville, SC, and I am going to order the other ones for sure!!!

- Sharon

Riveting! - Exciting!! Heart tugging!! This is an extraordinary love story about real life, real situations. It kept me 'on the edge of my seat'! I didn't want to put it down! Miki captured the real beauty of such a gorgeous and beautiful place as the Keys, now I want to go vacation in Islamorada! She put real passion and feeling into this love story and it is refreshing and wonderful to read. The characters are ones that you feel you know by the end of the book. Extremely well written. I highly recommend this book to everyone!! Thank you Miki for this amazing story! Can't wait for your next book!!

- M. Kanapaux


The Keys to Love. Furthermore, these are book reviews

The Keys to Love - book reviews“Miki Bennett’s The Keys to Love is a beautifully written romance novel. I was enraptured from the beginning. The main character, Maddy, suffers from Mastocytosis, which is a rare chronic disorder that causes her to tire extremely easily and even black out occasionally. This is a powerful aspect of the story that Bennett wove into the plot in an elegant and fluid manner. Maddy decides to take off from her home in South Carolina and take a much needed vacation in the Florida Keys. This leads her to meet a neighbor, who just happens to be a hunk. As one would expect, there are trials and tribulations between Maddy and Jason, the neighbor, but The Keys to Love is filled with depth and very interesting sub-stories. There’s even a spiritual or metaphysical component surrounding Maddy’s health and her falling in love with Jason.

After reading literally of thousands of romance novels over the years, I’ve found The Keys to Love to be one of my absolute favorites! I can hardly wait to read more of Miki Bennett’s books. She explains the scenes so well that readers can easily feel that they are right there in the middle of the scene. On top of her ability to write with phenomenal detail, she brings in the deeper messages in her story to the forefront with ease. And, finally the icing on the cake is the wholesomeness of the romance. For those who love to read about beautiful love without all the graphic details, Miki Bennett’s books are for you. Highly recommended!”

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Forever In The Keys. As a result, these are book reviews

Forever in the Keys - book reviewsCertainly Forever in the Keys is the second book of author, Miki Bennett, that I’ve read. I’m just as thrilled with this book as I was the first one. For instance, She does a beautiful job of connecting Forever in the Keys to The Keys to Love, which are both books in her series that focuses around the Florida Keys, but these are absolutely stand alone books as well. Abbey Wallace moves from North Carolina to Key West on a bit of a whim, and takes the risk of pursuing her dream of being artist for a living. She meets a neighbor, Josie, who has deep emotional wounds, but Abbey is determined to break through the barriers. Not only does Abbey eventually discover romance, but Bennett shares a wonderful sub-story involving romance for Josie.

Miki Bennett doesn’t write fluffy, silly romance. Instead, she brings readers depth and deeper messages than one might expect when picking up a romance novel. Furthermore, Forever in the Keys has a profound message about depression and what it can do to you if you don’t find a way to overcome it and a profound message about the beautiful things that can happen if you’re willing to take risks in life. It’s a very emotional  book. Not only did the book bring me to tears at times, but writing this review caused tears to come to my eyes again. Very touching! Furthermore, I’ve said it before, but when it comes to romance novels Miki Bennett is one of the best authors I’ve ever read.”

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Lastly, these book reviews are written for educational purposes. In conclusion, they will help you decide what to read next.

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