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Books By Author Miki Bennett

First of all, the books on this page represent the full library of author and artist Miki Bennett. For instance, Forever In The Keys is listed below. In addition, the Camping In High Heels: Las Vegas is also listed. Lastly, the You In A Book journaling series is also included below. In conclusion, Miki's books are always a hit and usually a best seller. Furthermore, these best selling books are available on the shop page. In conclusion, you can visit the shop page from the main menu at the top.

"Florida Keys" Novel Series

All it took was one visit to the Florida Keys. Miki Bennett decided that it would be the perfect setting for her first novel series, The Florida Keys Novels. Consequently, she knew that her love for these tiny islands and the tropical vibe that surrounds them would be the perfect place. She envisioned stories about women overcoming obstacles and then brought them to life. As a result, the women in these novels live out their dreams in sunny, southern Florida, with a bit of romance thrown in of course!

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A Wedding In The Keys
Back To The Keys
Run Away To The Keys
Forever In The Keys
The Keys To Love

"Camping In High Heels" Novel Series

Miki gained inspiration for her second series, Camping in High Heels, from growing up in the RV Industry. Her parent’s owned three RV dealerships. As a result, Miki and her parents traveled the USA in motor homes and travel trailers. Consequently, these adventures led to the authentic comedy romance stories contained within this novel series. For example, the Camping In High Heels novel series follows the adventures of travel blogger Kate Palmer. Kate is accustomed to the lavish lifestyle, but also has a love for adventure and travel. Similarly, Miki shares that same love and authentically brings Kate's adventures to life.

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Camping In High Heels: California

Although travel blogger Kate Palmer misses her lavish trips with first-class accommodations, she’s determined to finish her cross-country tour of the United States in her trusty RV.

Camping In High Heels: Yellowstone

Travel blogger and self-proclaimed “glamper” Kate Palmer is on another camping adventure on her way around the United States, this time to Yellowstone National Park.

Camping In High Heels: Las Vegas

Kate Palmer has been to some exotic places through her work as a travel agent and blogger, but now she’s tackling the next place on her camping adventure–Las Vegas!

Camping In High Heels

Kate Palmer loves her job. Why wouldn’t she? As a travel blogger, she gets paid to take five-star vacations. Then one of her loyal readers asks her to travel “like the rest of us.”

"You In A Book" Journal Series

Bring your story to life through journaling. Forget grammar! There are no rules. This is the story of you and it is your story. For example, while journaling, you get to look at your life from a fresh perspective. More importantly, you get to see what happened and how it made you feel. Because uou can look at your situation from another point of view, you can jot down what you like or don't like about it. In addition, you'll be guided along the way by journal prompts. In conclusion, The Story Of You allows you to bring your story to life through your own written words.

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You In A Book
You In A Book
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