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Books Of The Week: The “Harry Potter” Series


Yes, this is out of the norm considering the other books I’ve recommended so far on this blog but I have to admit: I’M A HUGE HARRY POTTER FAN!Harry Potter, Harry Potter Series, books, Novels

I only read the novels after seeing the first 7 movies. I figured since I loved them so much that the books had to be good and I was certainly not disappointed.

I guess I should first say though I write contemporary romance, I love reading young adult novels such as “Harry Potter”, “Twilight”, “Divergent”, “The Lunar Chronicles” and much more. I really enjoy this genre and have thought about delving into writing a YA story to see how it goes but I haven’t dipped my toe into that pool yet.

I honestly can’t write a review on 7 books at once and I personally don’t know anyone that isn’t familiar with the theme of the books. The popularity of the novels, then the movies and now the theme parks has given most people an idea about the story of the boy wizard (Harry) who, as a baby, survives a curse from a most powerful wizard. Harry grows up, learning skills along the way that ends up saving the wizarding world. That small synopsis doesn’t do the books justice but gives you the tiniest of glimpse into this magical world.

What amazes me is how the author, J.K. Rowling, was able to write each book. Her imagination is off the charts and how she kept up with each character profile, scene settings with details and so much more – let’s just say I’m in awe of her as an author.

But it’s not only her ability to write such intriguing books but also her personal journey to get to where she is today. J.K. has gone from poverty to fame by staying focused and being persistent. She believed in the “boy wizard” story and didn’t give up on it. When you need a bit of encouragement to keep chasing after your own goal, make sure to research J.K.’s story and you’ll see exactly what I mean. It is definitely an inspiration!

So maybe you only read romance novels and that’s great – you know I love the genre! But if you ever want to step out of the box and read about a boy and his two friends that shows that good overcomes evil, please give the “Harry Potter” series a read. I truly don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



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