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Book Of The Week: “Girl Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis


So you know I’m a Rachel Hollis fan already and this book did not disappoint. I’m talking about her newest release Girl Stop Apologizing.

Girl Stop Apologizing, Rachel Hollis, book, Read, Self Help, Self CareRachel has been called the “Tony Robbins for women”. She is inspiring and very transparent about her life and business. I love the way she weaves her own personal stories into ideology we have heard from many motivational speakers over the years. But Rachel has a way of taking those personal growth suggestions and helping you apply them to your life.

I will admit that some of what Rachel shares isn’t anything new in the self-help arena but the way she delivers it sure is! She is breathing life into ideas that have become stagnant and shows how she applied certain principles to her life that have gotten her to where she is now, both personally and professionally. And you guys – this woman is on fire! Rachel has worked hard to earn her achievements and lets your know that if she can do it so can we. Dream those dreams, set those goals and focus. Rachel gives us a roadmap to help with those dreams we are chasing after to come to fruition if you are willing to listen and do the work.

Whether or not you like her, she has proven herself in business and the personal growth area. I thoroughly enjoyed her book and recommend it. But like I’ve said about all the books I share for “Book of the Week” – it depends on what you like to read and what’s your favorite genre. If you are looking for some motivation with practical steps to improve your life, then Girl Stop Apologizing might be just for you.

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