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It’s Journal Prompt Day!

By Miki Bennett | June 17, 2019

My Planner Is Finished – Well Almost!

By Miki Bennett | June 14, 2019
The Summer Guests, Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times Bestseller, Readin, Novels, Books

Book To Read: “The Summer Guests” by Mary Alice Monroe

By Miki Bennett | June 12, 2019

Welcome To My Summer Camp Plus New Journal Prompts!

By Miki Bennett | June 10, 2019
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My Planner Is Almost Done!

By Miki Bennett | June 7, 2019
Back to the Keys by Author Miki Bennett

Let’s Meet “Everly Meyers” from “Back To The Keys”!

By Miki Bennett | June 5, 2019
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A New Adventure Begins!

By Miki Bennett | June 3, 2019
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What Kind Of Planner Do You Use?

By Miki Bennett | May 31, 2019
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Self-Care Tip: Go A Day Without Complaining

By Miki Bennett | May 30, 2019

Book Of The Week: “The Success Principles” By Jack Canfield

By Miki Bennett | May 29, 2019
Camping in High Heels - Las Vegas by Author Miki Bennett

Let’s Meet “Brandon” from the “Camping in High Heels” Series!

By Miki Bennett | May 28, 2019
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It’s Time For More Journal Prompts!

By Miki Bennett | May 27, 2019
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It’s Hot Outside Y’all!

By Miki Bennett | May 26, 2019
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That Time Of Year: Getting Out In Nature

By Miki Bennett | May 25, 2019

I Confess: I Love To Make Lists!

By Miki Bennett | May 24, 2019

Here’s An Important Self Care Tip!

By Miki Bennett | May 23, 2019
Run Away to the Keys - In Books

Let’s Meet Skylar From “Run Away To The Keys”!

By Miki Bennett | May 21, 2019

Ready For Some New Journal Prompts or “Sparks”?

By Miki Bennett | May 20, 2019
Game Of Thrones, TV, HBO, TV Series

The “Game Of Thrones” Finale Is Here!

By Miki Bennett | May 19, 2019
Couple, Date Night, Vacation, Staycation

Our Vacation “Staycation” Has Officially Begun!

By Miki Bennett | May 18, 2019

Yes – I Love Stickers!

By Miki Bennett | May 17, 2019

Time For A Self Care Break

By Miki Bennett | May 16, 2019
Book, The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin, Reading

Book Of The Week: “The Happiness Project” By Gretchen Rubin

By Miki Bennett | May 15, 2019
Forever in the Keys by Miki Bennett

Let’s Meet “Abbey” From My Novel “Forever In The Keys”!

By Miki Bennett | May 14, 2019
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