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Fall, Autumn, Season, Pumpkins, Holidays

It’s Fall Y’all! Ready For the Season?

By Miki Bennett | September 23, 2019
Sunrise at the beach

It’s The Last Week Of Summer!

By Miki Bennett | September 16, 2019
Gratitude, Storm, Hurricane

This Week It’s All About Gratitude

By Miki Bennett | September 9, 2019

A Special Journal Prompt As We Get Ready For The Storm!

By Miki Bennett | September 2, 2019

Let’s Make Some Lists!

By Miki Bennett | August 26, 2019
Let's Journal About School

Let’s Journal About School!

By Miki Bennett | August 19, 2019
Summer, Flip Flops, Beach, Summertime

Let’s Journal About Gratitude!

By Miki Bennett | August 12, 2019
Author, Miki Bennett, Charleston, The Battery, Ocean, Harbor, Charleston Harbor

Journal Prompt Day With A Twist!

By Miki Bennett | August 5, 2019
Book, Journal, Writing,

New Book Means New Book Signing Events!

By Miki Bennett | August 1, 2019
Sea Turtle, Ocean, Sea, Turtles, Nature, Wildlife, Swimming, Beach

Sea Turtles And Some Journal Prompts!

By Miki Bennett | July 29, 2019
Beach, sunrise, Coastal Life, Coast, Ocean, Beach,

7 Journal Prompts For Self Improvement!

By Miki Bennett | July 22, 2019
Welcome To My New Website

Welcome To My New Website!

By Miki Bennett | July 19, 2019

Let’s Write About “New Things” In Our Journals This Week!

By Miki Bennett | July 15, 2019

My “Summer Camp” Was A Bit Unusual This Week!

By Miki Bennett | July 12, 2019

New Website, New Book & Beach Book Giveaway Coming Soon!

By Miki Bennett | July 10, 2019

It’s Journal Prompt Monday! Are You Ready To Write?

By Miki Bennett | July 8, 2019

Minimalism Can Be Fun!

By Miki Bennett | July 5, 2019

Happy Birthday America!

By Miki Bennett | July 4, 2019

Yay – It’s “Summer Camp” & Journal Prompt Day!

By Miki Bennett | July 1, 2019

I’m Designing My Own Book Cover!

By Miki Bennett | June 28, 2019
Forever in the Keys By Author Miki Bennett

Let’s Meet “Josie” From The Novel “Forever in the Keys”!

By Miki Bennett | June 26, 2019

New Journal Prompts Are Here!

By Miki Bennett | June 24, 2019

I’m Having Planner Confusion!

By Miki Bennett | June 21, 2019

Book Of The Week: “The Favorite Daughter” By Patti Callahan Henry

By Miki Bennett | June 19, 2019
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