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Need A Little Inspiration? Well I’m Putting You On “Notice”!

How many times do you not allow yourself to just be happy and be in the moment? To love yourself just like you are no matter what? To realize you’re a one special, dynamic, awesome person? That you can reach for those dreams and goals you think aren’t possible? That you deserve to be treated with love? To be treated with respect?

Getting Ready For Hurricane Florence

As I write this blog post, my fair state of South Carolina is getting ready for the arrival of Hurricane Florence. Even though, for the moment, the storm’s center will probably make landfall along the southeastern portion of North Carolina, it seems we will be feeling some of the effects here…

I’m In LOVE With Pinterest!

Pin, Pin, Pin Away! I know that may sound silly but I absolutely ADORE Pinterest! I almost feel like I can search this app and find more there than when I’m searching on Google. Well, almost. I’ve had a Pinterest account for quite some time –...

The Keys To Montana

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