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Record Player, Records, 45s, LPs, Vinyl Albums, Music

Listening To The Oldies On My Record Player

By Miki Bennett | August 6, 2018

A Puzzle Has Taken Over My Kitchen Table And I Like It!

By Miki Bennett | August 5, 2018
Inspiration, Positivity, Beauty, Finding the good,

Positivity And Being A Good Finder

By Miki Bennett | August 4, 2018
Seashells, Shells, Beach, Ocean, Sea, Sand, Surf, Waves, Comfort Zone, Growing, Learning,

The Connection Between Seashells And Our Comfort Zones

By Miki Bennett | August 3, 2018
Books, Novels, Reading, Writing, Cookbooks, Self Care, Fiction, Beach Book, Relaxation, Learning, Cooking

The Books On My Nightstand

By Miki Bennett | August 2, 2018
Aquarium, Ocean, Sea Life, Beach, Coast, Coastal, Coastal Life, Sand, Waves, Turtles, Fish, Sharks, Charleston, Books,

A Visit To The South Carolina Aquarium

By Miki Bennett | August 1, 2018

The Book Series I Wished I Had Thought Of First

By Miki Bennett | July 31, 2018
Sunset, Nature, River, By The Water, Out In Nature,

Getting Out In Nature For A Bit Of Healing & Relaxation

By Miki Bennett | July 30, 2018
Online Learning, Online Classes, Learning, Classes, Computers, School Online,

Have You Ever Taken A Class Online???

By Miki Bennett | July 29, 2018

Love To Celebrate Family!

By Miki Bennett | July 28, 2018

Let Me Introduce You To Key West Island Bookstore!

By Miki Bennett | July 27, 2018

Inspirational Quote Of The Day: Spreading Kindness

By Miki Bennett | July 26, 2018
Shrimp Boats, Waterway, Charleston, Charleston Harbor, Paddleboard, Canoes, Shrimping, Shrimp boats,

A Beautiful Waterway and “Pete, The Plastic Pelican”

By Miki Bennett | July 25, 2018

It’s “Shark Week” On The Discovery Channel! Are You Watching?

By Miki Bennett | July 24, 2018
computer woes

My Favorite Places To Write

By Miki Bennett | July 23, 2018

Have You Ever Heard Of A Daily Accomplishment List???

By Miki Bennett | July 22, 2018
Flowers, Nature, Hibiscus, Outside, Porch Garden, Garden

A Little Late But I’m Starting My Porch Garden

By Miki Bennett | July 21, 2018
Happiness, Beach, Ocean, Smiley Face

Have You Ever OverCommitted For Too Many Projects?

By Miki Bennett | July 20, 2018

A Gift From My Husband To Inspire The Creative Process

By Miki Bennett | July 19, 2018

How About A Cup Of Positivity Each Morning!

By Miki Bennett | July 18, 2018

Let’s Go To The Movies! What Is Your Favorite Film???

By Miki Bennett | July 17, 2018

Sometimes You Have To Face Some Roadblocks To Reach Your Goals

By Miki Bennett | July 16, 2018

So How Was Your Weekend???

By Miki Bennett | July 15, 2018

The Tree In My Front Yard Has Eyes – Having Some Creative Fun!

By Miki Bennett | July 14, 2018

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