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Are You Ready For The New Fall TV Shows?

Like I’ve told you before, another way I like to relax when taking a break from writing is to watch TV. I absolutely love Netflix and Amazon Video because they will put a whole show season out at one time so you don’t have to wait an entire week or two for the next episode.  So this brings up the question: Are there any TV shows you are looking forward to this Fall?

My New De-Stressor: Magic Puzzles!

I love putting together Jigsaw Puzzles – even on my iPad. This is just one way I like to relax and show myself a little self-care. What are some of the strategies you use to unwind and relax?

Sometimes You Just Need Some Peace And Quiet

When is the last time you have had a day where there was just the natural sounds around you? Or maybe silence? For me, I can say it has been quite a while until today. And now that I’ve enjoyed this little taste, I might have to incorporate “quite” days into my life.

The Keys To Montana

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