Are You Ready For Some Journal Prompts?

I’m really excited about bringing another aspect to my social media and website: Journal Prompts!Journal, Gratitude, Thankful, Writing

I’ve talked to so many people who love their journals but at times they aren’t sure what to write about. Of course you can write about your day, what you eat, the weather – so many things. But I find that most people want to write about things in their life that have deeper meaning. But what can sometimes happen is that when it comes time to write, they can’t think of that important topic. I guess you could almost say it’s like writer’s block.

Journal prompts to the rescue! I decided to make this a part of my social media and website after seeing how journal prompts have helped me over the years. Just the right question can help you discover and uncover things about yourself you didn’t realize consciously. Or you learn more about the world around you. Having these thoughts on paper (or even on a computer) give you the ability to go back and reread your feelings and opinions about certain subjects. You might even see how your feelings might change over time.

So look for journal prompts coming soon – maybe even next week!

Big Hugs!



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Mar 21, 2019

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