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Are You Getting Ready For 2019?


Well, Christmas Day has come and gone so now we move toward the next holiday: New Year’s Day.

The thought of a new year brings feelings of the changes we would like to make in our lives. Most of us have made New Year’s Resolutions at some point in our life but, in my opinion, resolutions are so easy to break. I prefer to use the word “Intention”.

When I “intend” to accomplish something, it sounds and feels more powerful. I’ve been using the word “intention” for a few years now and have made huge strides in some of my goals. So now I’m putting together my intentions for the New Year and have selected my “word” for the upcoming year!2019, Planning, Goals, Dreams, Word for the year,

Have you done this before? Chosen a word that represents what you want to accomplish for the new year? This has become popular lately and at the beginning of 2018, I chose the word “moments”.

Last year, I was determined to collect “moments” instead of “things” and I did just that. Knowing and reading that word each day helped me to find things to do that would make things special and help me exceed in what I was doing. It also helped me step out of my comfort zone and do a few things I wouldn’t have normally done.

But that word, for me, had a flip side that caused me to make decisions I probably should have backed away from. I did too much in my quest to have more “moments”. My quest showed up in my health. Already dealing with health issues, this wasn’t something I expected.

So now that I know where I stand, it was sort of easy to pick my “word” for this year: Self-Care! My doctors have been telling me since July to take time off and do nothing. But me, being the type “A” personality I am, didn’t quite follow their orders to the tee so now after getting back a few test results I didn’t like, I’m ready to put my self-care first on my list.

The funny thing is that by taking care of yourself, other things will fall into place. I could see that if I took care of my health, I would be able to do the other things I wanted to do easier. Have more energy, feel better, be in a better frame of mind – everything. I didn’t see that last year but it’s very clear to me now.

So these next few days I’m putting a plan in place that will help me put myself first. It sounds selfish but, it really isn’t. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you be there for your family and friends? You can’t so taking care of yourself is super important.

Now that you know my “word” for 2019, do you have a word for yourself? Is there a word that really stands out to you that would help you make 2019 a rocking year? I would love to know what it is. Just leave it in the comments here on the blog and you’ll be entered in the giveaway for a brand new journal!

Yes, I’m giving away journals over the next 5 days, as we get ready for 2019. I’m so excited about this because as I put my plan into place for the new year, I want to help you too. It’s like we are working together. I know that I’m a fiction author but I’ve also been involved in the personal development world since I was in my twenties through my parent’s business. I believe these programs helped me accomplish many goals and also helped me as I took care of my daughter over the years and deal with the medical issues I have.

So this is how the giveaway will work: With a comment on the blog, your name will be entered in the name generator 5 TIMES! Then if you comment on Facebook and Instagram that will be another entry for each social media platform. Next, if you share the post, it’s another entry! So many ways to get your name into the drawing for one of the 5 journals I’ll be giving away. I’ll be announcing the winners on 12/31, right in time for the New Year.

Big Hugs!


PS  – Oh, and BIG NEWS! “Camping in High Heels: Yellowstone” will be out next Wednesday 1/3/19!!!  So excited to share the next chapter in Kate’s camping journey with you!

Miki Bennett

Inspired by a passion for wholesome adventure, Miki Bennett is the author of two contemporary women’s fiction series: The Florida Keys Novels and Camping in High Heels. A love affair with the beach and lifelong experiences with camping led her to write romance novels that bring humor and paradise to readers’ fingertips. Her stories touch the hearts of all who read them.

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