Are You A “Possibilitarian”??? Hint: It’s A Good Thing!

You are probably going “WHAT”????  A “Possibilitarian”? In reality this is truly a very simple question.

A “possibilitarian” is someone who believes in the positive possibilities of something, from a goal they set, the advice they give someone, to something as simple as the plans they made for dinner for that special recipe they chose. They just know that it is going to come together and be very tasty.

I could say that it is almost the same as an optimist for the optimist sees the good outcomes, the positive direction of what they are working on or where they are or what they are involved in.  They choose to see the good possibilities for what ever is going on in their lives even though the negative still exists.

I consider myself a “possibilitarian” though I have to admit at times it can be tough. That is when I’m glad I have such wonderful family and friends surrounding me to help me see things differently if for some reason my optimism seems to be absent at the moment.

So try being a “possibilitarian” for a few days and see how it goes. Whatever you have going on in your life, try to see the good outcomes. See the positive vibe about your situation. Speak this new way of thinking into your life. Will everything always be roses? No, but most of the time things will be better because you are training yourself to see the good and less of the negative. What a better way to live.

Big Hugs!


Jun 16, 2018

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Look For The Positive Possibilities!