A Visit To The South Carolina Aquarium

I had a special treat a few weeks ago. I got to visit the SC Aquarium here in Charleston and interview one of the biologists for my upcoming book series!

First of all the aquarium is BEAUTIFUL! I always love going to this special place and my last visit was for Mary Alice Monroe’s book launch party for her newest release “Beach House Reunion”. The party was a blast especially when we were surrounded with the beauty of the aquarium. There was a time when the aquarium used to have sleepovers – kids and adults. Can you imagine waking up next to a massive beautiful blue water tank filled with wondrous sea creatures? I was determined to stay one night but they closed the program before I could. But I think that would have been a very cool experience.

The day I went, I got to interview Kelly Thorvalson, marine biologist/scientist. Kelly is very knowledgeable about our litter problem along the Carolina coastline. We talked about several problems facing our oceans and beaches due to the trash people leave behind after visiting our beautiful shoreline, especially the problem we are having with plastics in our ocean water.

You have no doubt seen some of the horrific pictures circulating on the internet about the miles of trash floating in our oceans. The whales, turtles and other sea life  suffer when they mistake floating trash or plastic for food. I wanted to ask Kelly some questions because my new book series will be taking place here in my hometown of Charleston and the condition of our oceans will be a part of this “unusual” romance. More details to come!

Aquarium, Ocean, Sea Life, Beach, Coast, Coastal, Coastal Life, Sand, Waves, Turtles, Fish, Sharks, Charleston, Books, I want to thank Kelly for all the information she shared. My husband and I have already been moving away from using single use plastics but after my talk with Kelly and some research I have done on my own, I hope that soon we are able to find solutions to the plastic problems that plague not only my part of the world but all the oceans and coastlines around the globe.

Thanks again Kelly and the SC Aquarium for all they do to keep the public educated about our oceans and wildlife.

Big Hugs Everyone!


Aug 01, 2018

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Love To Visit The Aquarium!