A Puzzle Has Taken Over My Kitchen Table And I Like It!

Do you like to put puzzles together? My mom is staying with us for the next couple of days and she adores puzzle making. So since I had a puzzle that I have wanted to make for the last 2 years (yes – I do procrastinate sometimes), we decided to have a little puzzle time while she is here.

When I was little girl it seemed we always had a puzzle on a table – kitchen table, dining room table or a card table – it didn’t matter. I just remember most of time in our home there was puzzle to put together. As I spread out the pieces for this puzzle of mine, I got excited. First, that I was able to finally put this together because it is a scene from Key West (got it on my first Florida Keys book tour) but it also brought back childhood memories of family time spent around the table talking and laughing about our day.

But another thing about putting puzzles together, especially if you are by yourself, is that it is another form of meditation. I know that may sound silly but finding and putting just the right pieces together and seeing a picture come together before your eyes is soothing. It seems as though nothing else exists except the puzzle in front of you and the piece that are waiting for you to interlock together. Do this in silence or with some soft, soothing music in the background and you have a recipe for reducing stress. Or just unwinding from your day.Puzzle, Relaxation, Meditation, Fun, Family Time, Games

So when was the last time you put a puzzle together? Or are puzzles just not your thing (my husband doesn’t care for them at all)? But another question: what do you like to do that takes you away from everyday life and helps you relax?

Sending Relaxing Vibes To All!



Aug 05, 2018

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