5 Things I Love To Do!

What do you like to do for fun?

So I was asked this question not too long ago: What are 5 fun things I love to do? Admittedly, I had to think for just a moment because it is hard to narrow this down to 5 things and I will go ahead and say that this just happens to be the list for today! Tomorrow it could be completely different.

  1. I LOVE to go to the beach and learn about the ocean. You probably know that by now but going to the beach for me is so many things: relaxing, therapeutic, new experiences and more. From building sand castles or looking for new seashells to looking for stingrays, sharks and more in the surf, the beach is my happy spot.
  2. I love going in my writer/art nook at home and creating. It could be a sewing project, painting with alcohol inks, crocheting a scarf, creating jewelry – I love making things.
  3. This may sound lazy but I love binging on Netflix shows! If it’s a day when I just want (or need) to slow down, I’ll find a TV series, some movies or documentaries to watch, one after another.
  4. I love trying new recipes with the foods on my “approved” list. Since this list is quite short at the moment due to my illness, finding new combinations and recipes can be fun, even if they don’t turn out.
  5. I love taking online classes. Right now I’m enrolled in a class all about Procreate for my IPad Pro and having a blast. I’m also taking a class on Pinterest because I’m obsessed with that app! More about that soon!

Beach, Pier, Beach Pier, Folly BeachSo like I said earlier, this is the list for today. A month from now I’m sure it will change slightly especially with the holidays coming up. Well, now I know it will be different because we have county fairs, parties, shopping, and Hallmark Christmas movies coming very soon! LOL!

Big Hugs to all!



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